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Our Story & Mission

Positive Impact on Mind, Body, Planet

At Sweet Peaces our goal is to make a positive impact on everything we touch. The planet is in need of some serious help to slow down climate change, a vegan diet has been proven to lower your carbon foot print by 73%. One of our goals is to help people enjoy vegan food, unfortunately plant-based food has a bad rep of tasting bad and bland, we want to help change that stereotype. 

Helping better the community is another one of our goals. Making it easier to get access to affordable locally grown food is important to us. 


Hot, Cold, Make it Your Own

Here at Sweet Peaces we want it to be easy for you to enjoy vegan meals that accommodate many diet restrictions including gluten free. We offer hot prepared meals made fresh to order ready to eat. Homemade delicious baked goods you wouldn't know are vegan. We also offer cold to go meals, some require to be warmed up and others are enjoyed cold. We also offer a wide variety of grocery items to make it easy for you to make vegan meals at home. Come on in on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday to the Flint Farmers Market, we are here from 11am-4pm. 

Soon we will be offering online ordering for all of our products to make it quick and easy for you to see all your options and order them. We will be offering delivery, curbside and indoor pick up. There is indoor and outdoor seating at the Farmers Market. We can also do catering for any event if planned more than 2 weeks in advance. Feel free to reach out to us by call, email or social media, all of our contact information is down below. 

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